The consistent thread stitching together all aspects of my work is an impulse to rephrase, cancel, and blur, and an abiding empathy for the expressive and conceptual potential of line. My work materializes spasmodically and tangentially. Deploying approaches drawn from assemblage, drawing, painting, sculpture and sewing, the work implicates internal experience in collaboration with the diverse properties of the physical world. Meaning is constructed through the intrinsic characteristics of material and the visual, emotional, and metaphysical phenomena it projects.

I work as much from an artisanal as from a “fine art” aesthetic. I pull materials from stockpiles of blankets, textiles, clothing, wire, wood scraps, and thread, considering these commonplace substances to have equal status to canonical art materials such as bronze, paint, and marble. To the extent I use found pieces of crochet, hemstitching, and other handwork, I work in alliance with anonymous others, refreshing the past and underwriting the inclusivity of craft practices to contest entrenched modernist hierarchies.